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Mentored Learning Allows Cornell University to Maintain Productivity During Training
Debra Howell, Associate Director of Information Technology for Cornell University, has a very straightforward training policy for her staff - within 18 months of hire, all Systems Administrators must get their Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) certification and all Desktop Support personnel must get their Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification. Being a highly regarded educational institution, it is not surprising that Cornell would value employee training, however, having staff in training when your job is to keep the entire technology infrastructure up and running is not easy. Read the Case Study.

A Revolutionary Learning Method Solves Training Challenges Commonly Faced by Information Technology Managers
Kendle, one of the world’s leading global clinical research organizations, was challenged with the same training issues faced by most organizations: how to measure a return on their training investment, how to get employees the specific skills needed - quickly, and how to maintain productivity during training. Read the Case Study.

Custom Training Solution Enables Dunkin Donuts to Successfully Implement New Online Ordering System in 2,500 Stores

Dunkin Donuts purchased a new online ordering system and needed a new training program to train 2,500 Dunkin Donuts locations across the U.S. in 3 months.  New Horizons worked with Dunkin Donuts to create a custom training course that consisted of two hours of instruction and two hours of hands-on practice in order to increase comprehension and retention of the material. Read the Case Study.

Microsoft Office 2007 Training Creates a More Efficient, Connected and Positive Workforce at Blattner Brunner  
Blattner Brunner is a full service advertising and marketing agency, with three office locations across the United States housing approximately 150 PC workstations. Due to the large number of remote personnel that need to stay connected with the various functions and departments within the agency, Blattner Brunner made the decision to implement the Microsoft Office 2007 suite as its core integration and workflow management platform. Read the Case Study.

New Horizons Training Results in 15,000 Hours of Productivity Savings Annually for 1-800 Flowers 
Analysis showed that a 1-800 Flowers worker who completed the New Horizons training improved their productivity by 15 minutes per day. Over a year, that is the equivalent of 15,000 hours of productivity savings which equates to $276,000 in cost savings due to the training. The performance gain is nearly a 6 to 1 benefit to cost ratio. Read the Case Study.

SOUTHCOM Completes an Information 100% Certification Rate: Results Validate Compliance with DoD Directive 8570 Requirements
"New Horizons created a comprehensive Information Assurance certification training plan for SOUTHCOMM in compliance with DoD Directive 8570. The private course was delivered locally in a 6-day bootcamp format consisting of daily assessments and exam cramming sessions. The solution met the primary goal of providing validation through certification in a very short time-frame. In fact, the program was so successful that all personnel completing the program achieved certification on the first attempt. Read the Case Study.

Bowne Successfully Completes an Organization-Wide Conversion Project and Saves Money Doing It!
New Horizons Professional Services team worked with Bowne to tailor a solution to their specific business, learning and learning management needs. With New Horizons as their training partner, Bowne was able to save $54,000 in training costs and was able to concentrate all of their efforts on the software conversion. Additionally, through the contracting of trainers with similar skill sets delivering the same content at locations across the country, Bowne received the added benefit of consistency in content and delivery at a nationwide level. Read the Case Study.

Microsoft Certification Leads to Savings for Employer and Promotion for Employee
Wood Personnel assigned their computer specialist to migrate the company’s network and deploy necessary software. Once migrated and deployed, the computer specialist would need the advanced knowledge for the long-term network management. Wood provided training through New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, where the specialist gained extensive skills on the Microsoft Windows® Platform, server software and earned her Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) credential. Read the Case Study.

The Cafaro Company Successfully Completes a Company-Wide Training Initiative Resulting Fewer Help Desk Calls and Increased Employee Productivity 
New Horizons created custom course materials to fit within Cafaro’s standard operating procedures. The curriculum was developed by interviewing subject matter experts within the company so that the content addressed job roles specific to the customer. A private training event was conducted to ensure all employees received uniform training. Read the Case Study.

The New England Media Group Successfully Builds a Customer-Centric Sales Force through Training
New Horizons created a custom course to teach the technical aspects of a customized version of a Customer Relationship Management System while shifting the mindset of the existing sales staff to use the technology to drive sales.T raining was delivered in the classroom for local employees and via Online LIVE (New Horizons synchronous eLearning offering) for employees located throughout the U.S. Read the Case Study.

Russell Corporation Finds a Solution to Ensure Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance 

New Horizons created custom course materials to cover specific SOX compliance issues. Course content and delivery were designed to ensure employees fully understood and retained knowledge regarding correctly performing procedures within SOX regulations. Training was delivered via Online LIVE (New Horizons synchronous eLearning offering)  to provide consistent training to all staff worldwide, which could be recorded for review and new employees. Read the Case Study.

Business-Focused Training Speeds Learning, Commitment to Change for Cosmetics Firm
To improve collaboration and effectively manage change, New Horizons delivered a Microsoft Business Skills series course, Team Collaboration Using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. The course offered hands on experience in a simulated work environment, discussions, and lecture material resulting in greater team collaboration, rapid deployment, employee commitment, and improved productivity. Read the Case Study.


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