Java SE & EE Training:

Java SE (Standard Edition) lets you develop and deploy Java applications on desktops and servers, as well as in today's demanding embedded environments. It offers the rich user interface, performance, versatility, portability, and security that today’s applications require. Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is the industry standard for enterprise Java computing. Utilise the new, lightweight Java EE 6 Web Profile to create next-generation web applications.
Intro. to Java SE Programming   Advanced Java SE Programming
Course Duration
: 5 Days
This course covers how to develop Java applications using Eclipse, as well as more advanced object-oriented programming concepts. Students will develop and test Java applications using Eclipse.
- Learn basic Java syntax
- Object-oriented programming using Java
- Use classes and objects
- Organise code and control access
- Understand arrays and inheritance
- Differentiate collections, generics & enumerations
- Common Java classes
- Java logging API, inputs and outputs
Course Duration
: 5 Days
This course covers the more advanced Java SE applications using Eclipse. Students will be able to add the finishing touches to their Java applications & will be introduced to JavaBeans and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).
- Build a Java Bean
- Understand JDBC
- Use the Reflection API
- Internationalise Java applications
- Parsing XML documents
- Java networking
- Add security
- Use Java Native Interface (JNI)
- Utilise Test-Driven Design through JUnit
Intro. to Java EE Programming   Advanced Java EE Programming

Course Duration: 5 Days

This course provides the ideal starting point for Java EE developers learning about Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) using Eclipse. The course will also cover topics including JDBC, JSP Standard Tag Library, MVC, and JavaBeans.
- Servlet basics and interaction interface
- Learn the basics of JavaServer Page (JSP)
- Use JavaBeans with JSP
- Understand the Model/View/Controller pattern
- Work with databases
- Servlet filters and event listener
- JSP custom tag development
- Managed Beans and Enterprise JavaBeans

Course Duration: 5 Days

This course introduces students to the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB 3.0) technology and is ideal for those who have never programmed using EJB. This course will also explore more advanced programming concepts.
- Use Jave EE Tools in Eclipse WTP
- Understand Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)
- Differentiate stateless and stateful session beans
- Insert, retrieve and update data
- Java Persistence Query Language (JPA QL)
- Work with complex entity relationships
- Use message-driven beans
- Use EJB 3 design patterns
"The Walk-In training methodology offered by New Horizons is perfect for our needs; the courses are available as we need them and provide a flexibility that we haven't come across elsewhere. I would recommend New Horizons to anyone seeking good quality technical courses."
Sian Duffin
IT Applications Manager
Interactive Pty Ltd
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