Professional Development Training at New Horizons:

We often haven't got enough time for all the work we have to do, we usually have to achieve more with less, and generational difference and the needs of others are generally difficult to manage so you or your organisation want to be on top of the game when it comes to soft skills. Soft skills, people skills or business skills are interchangeable terms so at New Horizons we dub them Professional Development skills because they are developing your capacity past the technical 'hard' skills you may need for your job.

Our suite of Professional Development training programs covers the areas of: Business Communication, Management, Leadership, Project Management, Sales, Customer Service and more.

Whether you are looking to increase your effectiveness as an individual or are looking for organisational improvement in the development of capabilities of management and general staff, New Horizons has a training program to suit your learning needs.

New Horizons' Professional Development training takes participants past the intellectualisation and into the doing because, after all, training in the soft skills space is about behavioural change.

We also offer flexibility, you or your staff can attend our public courses in our convenient city training rooms or we can come to you and tailor our programs to provide solutions to your specific business needs.
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Our instructors:
Fee Hosking  
Professional Development Instructor New Horizons Sydney
Trish Dobe  
Professional Development Instructor New Horizons Brisbane
Magdalena Todor
Professional Development Instructor New Horizons Sydney
Stan Thomas  
Professional Development Portfolio Manager | New Horizons Melbourne
Tim Higgs 
Professional Development Portfolio Manager | New Horizons Sydney
Gina Davidovic  
Project Management Instructor
New Horizons Brisbane
From our blog: 

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