ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (with Diploma nested)

How does the Nested Diploma Program work?

At New Horizons you can apply to study two Diplomas and earn a dual Qualification.

This 2.5-year Advanced Diploma forms part of a nested suite of courses, more specifically the ICT50115 - Diploma of Information Technology and the ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology qualifications. Students commence the Diploma level in the first year, and then continue on to the Advanced Diploma in the second year. 

Why study a Nested Diploma?

Undertaking a Double Diploma may expand your career options, and in some cases could enable you to complete two Diplomas in a much shorter time. When applying for your visa you can apply for the maximum Diploma period with New Horizons of 2.5 years and student only pay one application fee. A further benefit, if for any reason you decide to exit early, you could still graduate with a Diploma.

Here's how it all works.

ICT50115 - Diploma of Information Technology

This program aims to instill a design thinking approach in students to provide them with a distinctive problem solving strength for solving web, app and UX design challenges. It comprises 4 modules, with 20 units and embeds a number of internationally recognized vendor certifications to ensure graduates are competitive in the job market.

ICTICT509 - Gather data to identify business requirements
ICTICT511 - Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise
BSBCRT501 - Originate and develop concepts
CUADIG502 - Design digital applications
ICTPMG501 - Manage ICT projects
Related Vendor Certification:
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ICTPRG505 - Build advanced user interface
ICTPRG409 - Develop mobile applications
ICTICT406 - Build a graphical user interface
ICTPRG527 - Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills
ICTPRG525 - Build Java applets
Related Vendor Certification:
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ICTWEB411 - Produce basic client-side script for dynamic web pages
ICTWEB429 - Create a markup language document to specification
ICTWEB501 - Build a dynamic website
ICTWEB502 - Create dynamic web pages
ICTWEB503 - Create web-based programs
Related Vendor Certification:

HTML5 logo
BSBLDR502 - Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBWOR502 – Lead and manage team effectiveness
BSBSUS501 - Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
BSBWHS501 - Ensure a safe workplace
ICTICT419 - Work effectively in the digital media industry
Related Vendor Certification:

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ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology

The program builds on a base core of management competencies, and specialises in the areas of knowledge management and cloud computing. It comprises 4 modules, with 16 units and embeds a number of internationally recognised vendor certifications to ensure graduates are competitive the job market.

ICTPMG609 - Plan and direct complex ICT projects
ICTSUS601 - Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects
ICTSAD505 - Develop technical requirements for business solutions
ICTSAS601 - Implement change management processes
ICTPMG606 - Manage ICT project quality
ICTPMG608 - Manage ICT project systems implementation
ICTDBS601- Build a data warehouse
ICTDBS501 - Monitor and improve knowledge management system
ICTDBS602 - Develop a knowledge management strategy
ICTICT604 - Identify and implement business innovation
ICTICT605 - Implement a knowledge management strategy
Related Vendor Certification:
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SQL logo
ICTPRG604 - Create cloud computing services
ICTNWK616 - Manage security, privacy and compliance of cloud service deployment
Related Vendor Certification:

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BSBWOR502 - Lead and manage team effectiveness
ICTICT608 - Interact with clients on a business level
ICTICT610 - Manage copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment
Related Vendor Certification:

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How you can study

Students are required to attend class a minimum of two days per week and will be required to complete self-paced study activities outside of class-time. This is estimated at approximately 20 hours. In some weeks students may need to attend class 5 days per week. A study plan will be developed for you on commencement and reviewed for the start of each term.

Additional Information


The total study time for these two Qualifications is course is conducted 2.5 years. 

ICT50115 is conducted over 52 weeks. There are 4 study terms of 10 weeks each. There is a 3-week holiday period between terms.

ICT60115 is conducted over 78 weeks. There are 6 study terms of 10 weeks each. There is a 3-week holiday period between terms.

Upcoming Intake Dates

  • 18 Nov 2019


All classes are conducted from our CBD premises in the heart of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Entry Requirements

In Australia you are considered to be an overseas student if you’re not an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, New Zealand citizen, or holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa.

To enrol in the Nested Diploma Program students need to meet the minimum requirements for the Diploma level Qualification.

The minimum requirements for an International student are:

  • Students must be 18 years or over.
  • Students must have completed their final year of secondary schooling or equivalent.
  • Students need to be able to demonstrate an IELTS score of 5.5 overall, with a minimum of 5 in any one band, or equivalent.

Tuition Fees and Payment Options

Course fees are fixed for the duration of your enrolment.

To enrol in the Double Diploma Program students only need to make the first Payment 1 as listed below. The total fees payable for this qualification are: AUD$33,350. This is broken into 4 payments as listed below:

Payment 1: 

Before we can issue a Confirmation of Enrolment, you will be required to pay

  • a non-refundable Enrolment fee of AUD$350
  • a Materials fee of AUD$500, and
  • 50% of your Tuition fees AUD$7,000

A Confirmation of Enrolment is required to apply for your Student Visa.

Payment 2: 

Payment 2 is required after you have completed 50% of your course. Payment 2 is AUD$7,000.

Payment 3: 

Payment 3 is required before you commence the ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology. Payment 3 is AUD$9,500 which includes a materials fee of AUD$500.

Payment 4: 

Payment 4 is required after you have completed 50% of the course. Payment 4 is AUD$9,000.


Assessment Methods

Students will be assessed via

  • project work
  • instructor observations; and
  • theory based assessments.

To gain the vendor certifications available through this qualification you must sit and pass the related exams. This is a recommended, optional element of the program but is not required in order to gain the qualification.

Course Credit

Students may apply for course credit if they can demonstrate the required skills and knowledge. Speak with a Student Support Officer for more information.

Outcomes and Certifications

Successful completion of the ICT60115 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (with Diploma nested) can lead to a range of possible career opportunities including IT networking, IT support, database development, programming and website or app developer, Applications Programmer, Software Developer, Analyst Programmer or Database Administrator.

The unique benefit of studying with New Horizons is that you also have the opportunity to gain internationally recognised Vendor Certifications. These Certifications are asked for by employers, and can help put you ahead in the job market.

By passing or completing the required exams or activities required for each certification, you can gain PRINCE2® Foundation, Microsoft HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript, Java8 Using Eclipse, Microsoft Sharepoint, SQL and Azure certificates.

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