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Aug 08, 2018

How to manage your transition to Microsoft Office 365

If your organisation is looking to move to Office 365, it's important to plan exactly what steps you want to take, when to perform them, and who will perform them. [...]

Jul 19, 2018

Information Lifecycle Management – It’s not too hard!

By Haylee Fox and Jessica Roberts, Myriad Technologies Businesses, and more extensively the world, is full of information.  Emails, tweets, instant messaging, [...]

Jul 16, 2018

What is on the Horizon from Microsoft

Update: Microsoft Inspire has come to an end. There have been some exciting announcements and important focuses to take note of. Scroll down to read more. Today marks [...]

Jun 28, 2018

3 Quick wins for your remaining training budget

3 Quick wins for your remaining training budget The end of the financial year is here, and - who would have thought- you still have some money left in your [...]

Jun 14, 2018

The next step in Online Education

Cross-country… No! It’s Cross-World In-Class Learning Have you ever found yourself in the position where you wanted to join a course that was only [...]

Jun 07, 2018

Active Listening

Listening skills are part of Professional Communication. Communication is an umbrella term which involves getting a message across to others in such a way that the [...]

Jun 01, 2018

Challenges and Solutions in Cloud Migration

Growth is always one of the key objectives for any company. And when companies do grow, it’s very rare that the IT infrastructure is built to accommodate this. As [...]

May 30, 2018

SharePoint embraces AI revolution

Microsoft SharePoint is in a rampant trajectory of mind-blowing innovations. Despite its maturity and solid presence in traditional document management solutions [...]

May 22, 2018

How does Cloud Security Stack up?

Change and innovation are the fuel of the IT world. With the possibility of online downloads, updates and patches, it’s no wonder systems feel out of date after [...]

May 17, 2018

The Endless Possibilities That AI Offers Today

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change development and applications, enabling software to augment developers’ coding capabilities and applications to [...]

May 15, 2018

The importance of Integration

Integration, integration, integration. It’s the software buzz word of the year and becoming more and more important every day. For systems that businesses use [...]

May 11, 2018

7 ways to work smarter in the cloud

Microsoft recently published an e-book about “7 ways to work smarter in the cloud”. Cloud technology is no longer just another buzz in the market. It’s [...]

May 04, 2018

Digital Transformation Essentials

Companies invest in digital capability to remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly digital world. With projected global organisational spending reaching $2 [...]

May 02, 2018

3 Simple tips to master Thinking on Your Feet

Thinking on your feet, especially under pressure, isn’t the luck of the few; it can be learnt by anyone, using some simple techniques. It promotes personal [...]

May 02, 2018

New Azure Data Centres in Canberra Gain ASD Certification

I have been working with, and mentoring Azure training classes for several years now, and some of the perennial questions that keep cropping up are around the issues of [...]

Mar 19, 2018

Microsoft Office 365 - get to the next level

With over 120 million active monthly users, it is hard to think of a world without Microsoft Office 365. It’s probably so common in practise that you don’t [...]

Mar 16, 2018

Welcome to Oracle 18c

Where did Oracle 18c come from? Keen followers of the Oracle software might be surprised to hear the Oracle Database 18c is now available on the Oracle Cloud and [...]

Mar 14, 2018

The Modern Age of Intranets

An intranet is a private and secure website within a company, with the traditional main purpose of sharing company information, computing resources and facilitating [...]

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