5 steps to create a custom field in Microsoft Project

 Aug 28, 2014

Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013 allows end users to customise their application views by creating custom fields. Not every industry has the same type of information requirements and though the out-of-the-box examples are a good starting point, sometimes we want to have exact information as per our own industry and company. To create a custom field in Microsoft Project, simply follow these five steps:

  1. Select the Project Tab, then click on Custom Fields, choose Text1 and rename it to your requirements e.g. 'State.'


  2. Next, click on Lookup to create a dropdown lookup field. custom-fields-project-screenshot2
  3. List the states where your company operates for this project. You will need to click the upward arrow to change the display order for the lookup table and the data entry options. custom-fields-project-screenshot3
  4. As the project is based in Queensland, we will make that State the default value. The display order will be ascending, and as we do not want to add any further states in this field and we don’t want any other users adding to this table, we will need to make sure that 'Allow additional items to be entered into the fields' is unchecked. Click on Close to finish.custom-fields-project-screenshot4
  5. Now we want to modify the Resource Sheet and add the new Custom Field as a Column. To do this, right click on Group and Insert a Column. Then, type in 'State' in the top cell and Microsoft Project will automatically bring in the lookup field we created so that we can easily define what state the resource is in. This field can also be added in the Entry Table of the Gantt Chart or anywhere else we may require it.custom-fields-project-screenshot5

It is simple, isn't it? Note, that this is a custom text field. This procedure can be applied to any other type of custom field, except the outline code.

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