Creating Engaging Applications Through Graphical User Interface Design

 Sep 09, 2019

These days, the visual appeal of a website or application has become a major factor in determining their success. Regardless of its function and capabilities, a major factor that captures a user’s interest is how the application is displayed and the experience that they gain while encountering the app. This is the reason why it is vital for website and app developers to understand the importance of Graphical User Interface (GUI) design.

The key to enhancing the user’s experience is to create a user-friendly interface by establishing a consistent design and a positive flow which will surely improve the usability of the application. One of the ways of achieving these goals is through planning ahead and designing a interface that appeals to the users.

The New Horizon’s Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50115) Course includes two units which focus on the aspect of digital application development. One of the units happens to be ‘Build a Graphical User Interface (ICTICT406)” and the other unit is ‘Build Advance User Interface (ICTPRG505)’. The following units proceed to assist students in learning about the process of creating an appealing GUI by using various tools and techniques in order to grab the attention of the user.

The first unit, ‘Build a Graphical User Interface (ICTICT406)’, establishes the foundation where the students begin to learn about the four phases of GUI development which involve Planning, Designing, Building and Testing. Students start off the unit by beginning to understand what is involved within planning the specifications of a digital application’s GUI. After determining the GUI specifications, the students then learn to create the mock-up of their GUI by using prototyping tools which results in the prototype serving as a blueprint in building the actual GUI. When the GUI is finally built, it is then tested to ensure it meets the required specifications in order to evaluate the final outcome and result. Lastly, students are tasked in writing a user’s manual to document how their digital application can be used effectively within a certain field industry.

The second unit that is included in the Diploma course is the ‘Build Advance User Interface (ICTPRG505)’ which consists of students applying the knowledge that they had learnt in the previous unit to further enhance their Graphical User Interfaces. Students will be able to achieve the upgrades by employing certain techniques on how to make them more engaging and appealing through interactive content. In today’s tech world, app users are often in need of a sense of ownership as they are wanting to be in control of their own applications. The concept of application ownership is further touched upon in this unit as students find a solution to maintain app users by applying personalization features which provides them with a sense of control and be able to express their self-identity.

During class, students are perceived to be extremely creative and continue to upgrade their skills by improving their designs in order to further progress through the course. A positive attitude and a hardworking mentality are crucial as these mindsets help students become more capable of knowing how to create a digital applications’ s GUI. A positive mentality further gives students an advantage within the IT industry as they become motivated to obtain reliable skills and useful knowledge to present their product through engaging and insightful Visual Interfaces.

What is unique to New Horizon’s  Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50115) is that you gain globally recognised vendor certifications as a part of your qualification. These certifications will definitely give you an advantage in the jobmarket!

If you want to know more about how New Horizons (Australia) Institute of Technology integrates application development and GUI design in our Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50115) course, feel free to email us at

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