Customising the Project 2013 interface

 Jun 11, 2015

First time users to Microsoft Project often ask me how to do an initial customisation of the Microsoft Project 2013 interface so I have created these four simple steps that you only have to do once to make Microsoft Project easier for a beginner to navigate.

To begin, go to "Options" field under the "File" menu.

Step 1: On the "General Page," change the default view to "Gantt."

Step 2: On the "Schedule Page," change the scheduling options as per below.

  • Change "For This Project" to “All New Projects”
  • Change "New Tasks Created" to “Auto Scheduled”

(If you schedule in hours, you can change the duration to be hours.)

Step 3: On the "Trust Center Page," click on the "Trust Center Setting Button."

On the "Legacy Formats Page," change the radio button to “Prompt when loading files with legacy or non-default file formats." This is so you are alerted if you import an older file format such as an .xls or .doc extension file into Project 2013. Click on OK when you're done.

Step 4: Change to "View Bar."

To do this, right click on the grey Gantt chart on the left side of the screen and choose "View Bar." Once done, exit Project.

Once you restart Project, all these settings will be active.

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