Dynamics 365 - Why every business should make the jump.

 Sep 13, 2017

Today’s blog is about why every business should make the jump from their on-premise CRM system to Microsoft’s latest cloud solution – Dynamics 365.

Over the past few months we've been working towards developing a new Dynamics 365 training program. Whilst going through this process, in conjunction with migrating it to version 8, here's what I've learned, and why I believe Dynamics 365 is superior to Dynamics CRM. 

  1. Microsoft has introduced a team member license at a cost of $10 per user per month. This offers a read only access to everything inside CRM. Most of your employees will only need to view data and track activities. Using team licenses, you can save the full-priced licenses for your sales, marketing and customer services teams.
  2. Dynamics 365 offers a new Relationship Insights called “assistant” which tracks all your communications and interactions with customers. The assistant gathers all the data from your interactions, and then guides you through your work, reveals opportunities, suggests follow-up tasks, and manages your email while identifying actionable messages.
  3. In the old version of CRM, we had an outlook plugin that we could install on our PC. But that was highly resource intensive and thus very slow. Outlook App comes with Dynamics 365 which is much faster and integrated with artificial intelligence. This app can provide you recommendations based on the information available on your CRM system. For instance, if you receive an expression of interest from a potential lead, outlook with provide recommendations like “It looks like you should create an opportunity for this person.”
  4. Previous releases of CRM online used connectors to pull data into Power BI. Dynamics 365 offers the ability to not only connect to the data, but also pull those Power BI dashboards back into CRM.
  5. Dynamics 365 includes a visual designer which offers drag-and-drop functionalities and conditional branching which really makes it easier to create and deploy business process flows. Microsoft flow which is delivered as a part of office 365 allows you to create quick integrations with other applications. Using Microsoft Flow, you can create a flow which can create a lead when someone tweets a specific term.
  6. Microsoft has also released PowerApps which allows you to create mobile applications using drag and drop functionalities. This allows a non-developer to create mobile application to meet their CRM requirements.
  7. Dynamics 365 offers a common data model allowing your ERP and CRM software to talk to each other. Using Dynamics 365, you can integrate your financial and operational data in a single share common data storage. This results in a significant cost saving.
  8. Microsoft has included a new tool in Dynamics 365 for predictive and artificial intelligence (AI). It’s called Azure Machine Learning (ML). This can be used for recommending cross-selling opportunities, auto-suggesting knowledgebase articles, and analysing cases and tickets.


New Horizons Australia has been working closely with Microsoft and other commercial partners to develop an entirely new training program, unique to New Horizons Australia.

If  you would like more information on the Dynamics 365 training we provide, please visit our Dynamics 365 Training Courses page, or call us to chat to one of our Learning Solutions Advisors.

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