How The Woolworths team learned to create an AI Infused Customer Service Bot in 3 days!

 Jun 21, 2019

Do you have a great idea for a bot but don’t know where to start?


No worries! AI Australia and New Horizons Learning are here for you. We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about building a simple customer service Bot that digs your customers!


We feel the best way to learn real-life Bot development is to make a real-life application that you can use daily with your work colleagues or your customers. For Woolworths, we showed students how awesome it is to build an AI infused application that can communicate with your staff and customers and get smarter every day!


In our 3-day AI Startbot course, we will teach you, step-by-step, how to create a Bot framework and enhance it with AI and Cognitive features. Not only will this course give you a solid foundation in Bot development with AI Infusion on the Azure Platform, it will also jumpstart your bot idea, and make your creation stand out from the crowd.


What Woolworths learned in this course:

The Woolworths team coded a bot which infused AI in the following ways: a computer vision model that can see more than 2000 recognisable objects, living beings, scenery and actions; a language understanding model that breaks apart your sentences into intent and entity building blocks for decision making; and a recommendation model that learns by monitoring bot interactions and recommending what you are likely to want next. Students saw how these applied skills could benefit their workplace by: increasing quality, increasing productivity, increasing their ability to Innovate, increasing customer satisfaction, and decreasing time to complete tasks.


The special abilities you will learn in this course include but are not limited to:

  • Designing a bot to be admired, not an embarrassment. You will learn how to design a bot that will: solve a user issue with minimal steps; solve the issue more efficiently over time; run on the user’s desired platforms and devices; and make itself easy to be discovered and used.


  • Using Cognitive Search, an AI feature in Azure Search, to extract text from images, blobs, and other unstructured data sources - enriching your content to make it more searchable in an Azure Search index.


  • Developing skills to extract text content from an image PDF; applying entity recognition language detection; and extracting key phrases to produce new fields in your index that are not available natively in the source.


  • Creating a conversational application that communicates with a user in natural language to complete a task. With LUIS behind the scenes of your bot, you can take to channels that include social media apps, chat bots, slack, teams and speech-enabled platforms.


  • Analysing your user conversations in near real time. You will learn how to: apply Machine Learning models that monitor conversation logs; use Sentiment analysis to track the quality of a conversation; funnel analysis of messages in bots to identify where the Natural Language Processing (as LUIS) has failed or can be improved to better handle input messages; count the Number of active or new users and message counts (to determine the level of engagement the bot has with users); and store data of all users and conversations for audit purposes.


About the Instructors:


Cody Middlebrook: Cody Middlebrook is the Head of AI and Data Science for AI Australia. He is an evangelist for data science, advanced analytics and data mining, with more than 20 years’ experience building and running data-driven companies. Cody changed the Health industry in Australia by building the first data intelligence continuous integrations solutions in the sector. These days he focuses his disruptive energies on bringing AI into the world of everyday organisations.


Peter O’Gorman: Peter O’Gorman serves as Head of Innovation and Learning at AI Australia, lovingly using data-driven AI ecosystems to solve the repetitive and mundane. He heads up Innovation and Learning for AI Australia, is the key driving force being AI Philippines and runs the Australian Computer Society’s Artificial Intelligence special interest group. He is the organiser of the Power BI meetup in the Northern Territory and is a regular speaker at conferences and other events around the world.


Dr Naim Rastgoo: Dr Naim Rastgoo is a lead AI scientist for AI Australia. With a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD candidature in Computer Science, and background in the Electrical and Computer Science Discipline and Science and Engineering Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, he provides the team with advice and deep technical knowledge. His most recent focus involved Automatic detection of car driver’s stress levels using multi-modal sensors and context data.


Dr Bahareh Nakisa: Dr Bahareh Nakisa is a lead AI scientist for AI Australia. With PhD in Computer Science at the Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, she provides the team with advice and deep technical knowledge. Her most recent focus involved emotion recognition using fusion of wireless EEG headband (Emotiv Insight with 5 channels) and smart wrist bands.


Dr Yang Li: Dr Yang Li is a lead scientist for AI Australia. With a PhD in statistics, she provides the team with advice and deep technical knowledge. Her most recent focus involved developing Machine Learning & Deep Learning models used for prediction and prevention in the health and government sectors.

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