IT Students learn rapid development techniques

 Sep 25, 2019

A customised website is important for any organisation. 

As a web developer, understanding your customer’s requirements and then being able to deliver quickly, using best practice approaches is key.  

This term our international students studying the Information Technology Diploma have learned how to collate a business’s requirements, then using a web GUI quickly develop a website ready to apply any customized requests. Using GUIs is a great way for developers to create a web prototype or to save time reusing existing code bases. 

The graphical user interface (GUI – pronounce: GOO-ee) is a form of user interface that allows users to select pre-developed templates, drag and drop components, and then get in and adjust the code to meet requirements. The ability to develop from scratch and to adjust pre-built code are both important. As a web developer, there will always be a time when you need to build new, or get in and build on what someone else has created. 

The students experimented with many different web designs and interfaces to make their website as user friendly as possible. Some students included a live chat in their web designs whereas others used a photo slider to promote different services on the website. Social icons were used to create sharing options and some students even built their own web shop. 


Once finalised, each student presented their idea to the class, where the students discussed the website and had the opportunity to give feedback and discuss further ideas to build on. There even was a small competition between students and the very best designs were awarded a special certificate of achievement!

Great work students - we’re excited in watching your progress.

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