Meet one of our International Students - Suruchi

 May 09, 2019

Suruchi had been in Australia for a little over 3 months when we sat down for a chat about her study travel experience here in Australia. Suruchi is studying the diploma of IT at New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology and she tells us that she started in IT because her dream is to start her own tech company. “I chose IT because after graduating high school, it was my dream to open an IT company. Before I can do this I need to develop my skills in Information technology. I want to learn more about Coding, Programming, gaming anything tech really.”

A Diploma of IT is a great starting point for many careers in technology, as we discuss in our latest article on “Future Jobs in IT”. Many students start out with a Diploma of IT and pathway from there to specialise in other fields of technology.

When we asked Suruchi what she enjoys the most about her studies at New Horizons, she said “The most enjoyable is the environment, it’s a very friendly environment. The teachers are very good, qualified and supportive. I really enjoy having a couple of friends from my home country and I have made many International friends too.”

The diversity she talks about is characteristic for Sydney. Sydney is a city with many different people and cultures and provides an inspiring environment for locals and international students alike. Talking more about the environment and her friends here at New Horizons, she mentions, “I really enjoy that there are other girls in my class! Today the world has globalised and so much is changing. Everyone is surrounded by technology and new inventions all the time. It is really good to see in my class that women are interested in IT. Women are getting more interested in this field and I’m proud to study with a school that provides opportunities for women in Information Technology.”

We are seeing more and more females interested in IT, especially with our International Students. New Horizons is proud to celebrate diversity in IT. Not only within our own organisation, but also by embracing multiple new initiatives aimed at encouraging greater participation of women in the technology sector through education. You can read more about these initiatives here. Suruchi told us that at first it was hard for her to adjust. “Australia Is a very different environment compared to my home country. I had to learn all the new rules and regulations and I’m slowly getting used to it now.” After three months in Australia everything is working out quite well for her. She mentions that she found a job very easily and now works part-time at Oporto Restaurants. “I learn so much about Australian Culture, the different ways of how they greet each other, how they treat each other and the different words they use – I love learning ‘Australian Slang’“.

We are happy to see that she has settled in so quickly. She even mentioned that she is already planning for what she wants to do after graduating her Diploma of IT “I want to pathway to a bachelor and proceed to a master degree, so I can improve myself more in IT and of course my dream is to open my own company eventually.”

We wish her all the best in her studies and are looking forward to supporting her in her journey towards a successful career in IT!

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