Mobile App Development: The Future of Application Design and Programming

 Aug 27, 2019

“A computer in every desk and in every home.” This was the vision set forth in the 1980s by then Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, which of course, during the time was when computers were perceived to be as more of a luxury. It was a revolutionary vision that didn’t take long to become a reality and further progressed the world of technology.

As decades had passed and technology was beginning to upgrade significantly, a new type of device started to emerge which is now what we call, Smartphones. During the early years, smartphones happened to be bulky with huge keypads and some even seemed to consist of antennas. The screens were small and the resolution was often grainy, however, tech companies such as Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and Samsung began to notice the potential of these devices which led the tech giants to develop and evolve this innovative device to the mobile devices we have today.

As Microsoft’s vision became a realistic goal with computers being implemented worldwide in offices and in homes, the idea of a smartphone being placed in every household also became a certainty. Within the years between 2013 and 2016, surveys revealed that people were using mobile devices more frequently to do their computing tasks than their actual desktop computers. This trend provided platform programmers to take advantage of the specific field known as, Mobile App Development, and shaped it into becoming a global industry.

New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology recognizes this sort of need and has included the ICTPRG409 Develop Mobile Applications unit into the curriculum of its Diploma of IT (ICT50115) Course. Throughout the unit, students will be able to learn the tools, concepts and processes involved in creating their own mobile application.

The application development process is not simple, and there are many complexities that a student will encounter. In the course, the students are shown how to Design and Build the user interface for their mobile app which will also assist them in creating their own customization features that will be implemented within the application. Data sourcing will also be included in the course as students will be taught to be aware of how to connect and save data. At the latter part of the course, once the apps have been finalized, they will be tested and deployed in order to fully critique the overall performance of the mobile applications.

The course utilizes the Android Developer’s Guide as its main reference due to the fact that Android devices dominate the current mobile app market and ensures that students have access to a wider audience for their application.

The course covers the fundamentals of the guide to enable students to create their apps immediately, they will also be capable of exploring advanced topics once they have become more familiar with their fundamental skills.

In today’s world, mobile app design concepts are widely used that even web applications are implementing mobile-friendly UI design to accommodate this demand. Students can take advantage of this trend by developing their own applications after they complete the course and sell their application in the app store. Mobile app development has become a lucrative career path that allows programmers to work anywhere and at any time which happens to be a similar pathway that our graduates will be interested in pursuing to continue enhancing their skills and knowledge.

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