Quick ways to automate in Photoshop – Part 3: Batch processing

 Jun 15, 2015

Adobe can apply Photoshop actions across multiple files within Adobe Photoshop or via Adobe Bridge. In order to batch process a Photoshop action in Bridge, the action must be currently available in the Photoshop Actions panel.

To begin the process of applying an action across multiple files:

  • In Photoshop: From the "File" menu, access the "Automate" option and select "Batch…"
  • In Bridge: From the "Tools" menu, access the "Photoshop" option and select "Batch…"

Batch processing

  1. Select the "Action Set" and "Action" you want to run.
  2. Select the source of files: Folder, Import, Open Files or Bridge.
  3. Choose whether you have save and open action steps in your recorded action that you wish to activate via the following: Override Action “Open” Commands or Override Action “Save As” Commands.
  4. Additionally, choose to allow or suppress Open Options and Colour Profile Warnings.
  5. Finally, choose where you will be saving your files and how you are naming them when applicable.

Adobe gives you Action Sets

Adobe pre-populates your Actions Panel with a set of existing Actions. Look for “( )” in the name of the action to tell you if you need to do any extra preparation of your image before running one of their actions. For example, “(Selection)”, in an Action’s name, requires you have an active selection before running this action.

There are more Adobe Action Sets available to you via the Actions menu. Load them up, use them, and modify them as needed.

Save your Action Sets outside of Photoshop for backup and sharing

Action sets can be saved outside of and loaded into Photoshop:

  1. Select your Action Set folder.
  2. In the "Actions Panel" menu select as required: "Save Actions" or "Load Actions."

Automate and run actions for all your repetitive tasks to save seconds, minutes, and days of your life.

Until next time, enjoy creating the Photoshop masterpieces that inspire our creative world.

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