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Mar 04, 2015

Indexed member initialisers in C# 6

The new C# 6 compiler was released as open source on 1st April, 2014 in CodePlex. It was included in Visual Studio 14 CTP 3 that was released on the 18th August, 2014. [...]

Feb 05, 2015

Control your code with GitHub

When it comes to software development especially big projects, it can be frustrating when you are unable to compare a current piece of code to the previous versions, or [...]

Nov 13, 2014

Using Delegates in .NET

We can think of the concept of delegates in the .NET framework as a type-safe implementation of callback functions. In today’s post, I’ll dig deeper into this definition [...]

Oct 27, 2014

Extension methods in C#

In today’s blog post, I will address the issue of extending an object definition when you don’t have access to the source code or you can’t inherit from the original [...]

Sep 23, 2014

Asynchronous programming in C#

One of the most interesting new features in C# 5.0 is the support for asynchronous functions with the introduction of the new keywords, async and await. Writing [...]

Sep 19, 2014

All about abstract classes in C#

In today's article, I will review one of the most exciting object-oriented programming (OOP) features of C#, namely the concept of abstract classes. An abstract class is [...]

Aug 11, 2014

Synchronising concurrent access to data in C#

It’s fairly straightforward to start new threads in C# to run sections of code concurrently in a multi-core machine. Done properly, multithreading can dramatically [...]

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