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Feb 06, 2017

Master Document in Word - Part 3

In today’s blog we will explore creating a Table of Contents from the Master Document. The Master Document now contains a collection of linked Subdocument files [...]

Feb 03, 2017

Custom AutoCorrect entries in Microsoft Office

The main purpose of AutoCorrect is to automatically fix commonly misspelled words. The idea is simple; you type a word incorrectly and, as soon as you press the spacebar [...]

Dec 13, 2016

Sharing a Word Document on OneDrive

If your organisation uses Office 365 then you have the ability to save files to the Cloud – to OneDrive. Saving files to OneDrive provides some benefits to both [...]

Nov 25, 2016

How to: Create a company style guide

One of the most essential documents any business can have is a company style guide. Yet, not many do. A style guide ensures that all internal or external [...]

Oct 25, 2016

Master Document in Word - Part 1

The Master Document in Microsoft Word is a tool that gets highly overlooked but can provide a great level of efficiency when working on company files. If you have [...]

Oct 12, 2016

Working with Styles - Part 5

Previously on Word Styles we looked at creating new styles over a document that will create, in effect, a company style guide. Now the company has a complete style guide [...]

Sep 21, 2016

How-to: Make dates and currency in Excel show properly in a Word Mail Merge (Part 2)

In my previous blog I talked about one way to make your dates and currency show properly in a Microsoft Word mail merge. This time I’ll be showing you 2 other [...]

Sep 08, 2016

Working with Styles - Part 4

Previously on Word Styles we looked at changing the Style attributes of the Normal Style and Heading Styles that would mean a company font theme can be applied to new [...]

Sep 01, 2016

Are you using these features in Microsoft Word?

We are all familiar with Microsoft Word – and many of us use it every day of the working week. Despite our frequent use, many of us are yet to discover some really [...]

Aug 18, 2016

Working with Styles - Part 3

In part 3 of my Working with Styles series, we are going to look at modifying the formatting attributes of Word Styles. When you create a new document by default it’s in [...]

Aug 15, 2016

Quick Tuts: Word 2010 - Easily align text with leader tabs

It's time to stop using spaces and full stops to align your documents, and start using leader tabs. In our QuickTuts video, Liz French shows how to use leader tabs [...]

Aug 01, 2016

Tailoring your document with Styles

The process of applying direct formatting is tedious and can often result in a document that looks messy and inconsistent. A simple solution to this is to use Styles. [...]

Nov 06, 2015

Decorate Your Office

The Microsoft Office applications can be customised to use a different colour scheme and, in the case of Office 2013 and 2016, a background. The background is purely [...]

Nov 03, 2015

Microsoft Word: Make an Exclusion Dictionary

Previously, we’ve talked about adding extra words to a ‘custom dictionary’ so that the spellchecker of Microsoft Word marks them as correct. But what about when you are [...]

Oct 09, 2015

Non-Breaking Spaces & Non-Breaking Hyphens in Word

Most of the time we separate words with a space. But occasionally we use a hyphen. There are also En Dashes and Em Dashes, but let’s not overcomplicate things! When we [...]

Sep 11, 2015

Creating a layout for Word and Excel

How many times have you wanted to test a layout in Word or Excel before actually putting the content in? In this post, I'll show you a couple of simple ways of [...]

Aug 31, 2015

Creating Labels in Microsoft Word

You can create pages of labels using an Excel list and a Microsoft Word mail merge. Start in a blank document in Microsoft Word and click on the Mailings [...]

Aug 31, 2015

Creating Labels in Microsoft Word

You can create pages of labels using an Excel list and a Microsoft Word mail merge. Start in a blank document in Microsoft Word and click on the Mailings [...]

Jul 13, 2015

Selecting Text in Microsoft Word

Before we do anything to the text we’ve written in Microsoft Word, such as formatting or copy and paste, we first have to select the text, or as some people say, [...]

Jun 02, 2015

Creating Quick Parts in Microsoft Word

Quick Parts are a type of building block in Microsoft Word that allow you to insert a ‘standard clunk’ into your Word documents. They are great for ‘bits of a document’ [...]

Apr 24, 2015

Automate your table of contents in Microsoft Word

In order to create an automatically generated table of contents (TOC) in Microsoft Word, you need to ensure you apply heading styles throughout your document. That is, [...]

Mar 13, 2015

The Spike

The Spike in Microsoft Word is a feature that has been around for years. I can remember it being featured in courses I taught back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. [...]

Feb 10, 2015

Master mail merge to email in Microsoft Word

Have you ever needed to send the same letter out to 100 clients? It would be very time consuming to have to create each of those on your own. A better option is to [...]

Oct 21, 2014

Inserting an online video in Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 introduces a new feature which I think is pretty great: the ability to insert a link to an online video. The most likely source of the video would be [...]

Oct 17, 2014

The mystery of mail merge in Microsoft Word

There seems to be some mystery surrounding the process of performing a mail merge in Microsoft Word. People are often daunted by the thought of having to use this [...]

Oct 10, 2014

Why use section breaks in Microsoft Word?

So you just got told that you are going to have to write the next training manual for your job. No problem. Just type everything up and then print it out, right? Hold [...]

Sep 01, 2014

Heading styles in Microsoft Word

Recently, one of the students in a Microsoft Word training course asked me whether it was a good idea to use the existing Heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2 Heading 3, [...]

Jun 27, 2014

Protecting content in Microsoft Word with 'Restrict Editing'

I often ask people "what is the main reason for converting a Microsoft Word document into a PDF?" One of the most common answers is “to stop people from changing the [...]

Jun 16, 2014

Multi-level sorting made possible in Microsoft Word

Did you know that in Microsoft Word, you can sort your information up to 3 levels? This means that when all things are equal in the first column then it will do a second [...]

Jun 02, 2014

Borders and shading in Microsoft Word 2010

Don’t you hate it when you can’t get the borders to appear on all sides? Or when the frame of the border goes all the way to the edge of the margin when you really want [...]

May 13, 2014

How to create fillable forms in Microsoft Word

When you create a form in Microsoft Word to capture information that is to be entered by another user, a few problems may arise. The problem that occurs will depend on [...]

Apr 17, 2014

Insert an online video into Word 2013

A picture says a thousand words and now in Microsoft Word 2013, we can say it with moving pictures. The new Online Video button found in the Insert tab makes it possible [...]

Feb 10, 2014

The fundamentals of styles in Microsoft Word

Styles in Microsoft Word are one of the most misunderstood features and yet, ironically it's one of the most important aspects of formatting for the end-user. Styles [...]

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