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Oct 18, 2016

Outlook on the Web in Exchange Server 2016

Outlook on the Web (formerly Outlook Web App) – has been greatly updated and optimised for tablets and smartphones, as well as desktop PC’s. Supports all recent versions [...]

Sep 26, 2016

How-to: Put SharePoint calendars into Outlook

A SharePoint calendar is a convenient way for all members to add, update and maintain a single record of dates. If you have a team with deadlines, deliverable due dates [...]

Aug 05, 2016

Is your email inbox overloaded? Use these clever tips to manage it.

Trying to stay on top of emails does not have to be a losing battle. Take charge of your mailbox and efficiently manage your unread emails with below tips from New [...]

Nov 10, 2015

I wasn't meant to send that!

Recall a message in Outlook We've all done it before, we've clicked on Send before proofreading one of our emails, forgotten to upload an attachment into the [...]

Jun 22, 2015

Archiving old emails in Outlook

Quite a few people at my work seem to have trouble with archiving their emails. They get a tech person to set up archiving and then when something goes wrong, they can’t [...]

May 12, 2015

How to create an e-mail template in Outlook

An Outlook e-mail template is a very powerful feature, although often, it is underestimated. For instance, you may have specific forms you use when you send emails to [...]

Apr 28, 2015

Outlook rules rule!

Rules in Microsoft Outlook are a way to automatically manage emails coming into your inbox. The most common type of rule are those that move certain emails to folders [...]

Apr 21, 2015

Reduce those pesky meeting request response messages in Outlook

If you regularly send out meeting requests in Microsoft Outlook, perhaps on behalf of a number of people, you are probably fed up with the volume of responses that you [...]

Feb 12, 2015

Manage emails in Outlook using the 4 Ds

In an earlier blog post, I talked about some of the ways to manage the flood of emails in Microsoft Outlook that we all seem to get these days. I spoke about Flags and [...]

Jan 13, 2015

Using Outlook flags and categories to manage emails

Here are two quick tips for managing emails in Microsoft Outlook. I’m not going to include ‘folders’ as one of the these tips even though they are a useful option for [...]

Jan 09, 2015

Setting up Outlook 2013 to suit your personal needs

When you move to a new version of Outlook, such as Outlook 2013, some of the programs settings and how the screen looks may change. Instead of just ‘putting up with’ [...]

Dec 12, 2014

Two ways to put a sticky note on your desktop

If you don’t have a pad of post-it notes on your desk but you need to make a quick note, you can create an onscreen reminder in a couple of ways. 1. Use Windows 7’s [...]

Oct 28, 2014

Use Office 2013 at home with an Office 365 subscription

If you find the Microsoft Office 2013 applications essential at work, then why not at home? Kids, especially, require access to applications like PowerPoint and Word for [...]

Oct 17, 2014

The mystery of mail merge in Microsoft Word

There seems to be some mystery surrounding the process of performing a mail merge in Microsoft Word. People are often daunted by the thought of having to use this [...]

Oct 14, 2014

3 easy ways to send a standard e-mail in Outlook

I was speaking with a Learning Solutions Advisor, Sean, at New Horizons about being able to efficiently respond to his clients through email. While discussing, I came up [...]

Aug 01, 2014

Creating multiple signatures in Outlook

For many years people have had two signatures in Microsoft Outlook; one for new messages and one that gets used when replying and forwarding. The latter is generally [...]

Jun 25, 2014

Customise the weather forecast in Outlook 2013

A nifty new feature in Outlook 2013 is the built-in weather forecast now available on the calendar.  This allows you to see what your day has in store for you from a [...]

Jun 25, 2014

Customise the weather forecast in Outlook 2013

A nifty new feature in Outlook 2013 is the built-in weather forecast now available on the calendar.  This allows you to see what your day has in store for you from a [...]

May 27, 2014

Mobilising SharePoint 2013

The traditional corporate culture is based on the workforce working from and interacting face-to-face in the office. People arrive at the office, use their pre-allocated [...]

May 01, 2014

How to access Office Applications from within VBA

Did you know you can access and manipulate any Office application from within Visual Basic (VB) code? In today's blog post, we'll go through the basic steps to connect [...]

Apr 15, 2014

Designing Exchange Server 2013 Unified Messaging Integration with Lync Server 2013

In this blog post, I will cover the unified messaging (UM) integration between Lync Server 2013 and Exchange Server 2013. In Exchange Server 2013, the UM platform is [...]

Apr 14, 2014

'Revise Contents' – Outlook's hidden gem

Have you ever wanted to highlight information or make notes in a received email? Or make the email contents easier to recognise or find in the future? Or perhaps even [...]

Mar 04, 2014

Creating Building Blocks in Microsoft Outlook

Building blocks are a feature in Microsoft Word that are simply pre-made snippets of content that can be inserted into any document. Quite a number of building [...]

Feb 17, 2014

Time saving tips in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most widely utilised Microsoft Application in the world and in my opinion, it is also the application that should have the most [...]

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