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Aug 18, 2015

Create a Custom Tracking View in Project 2013

By creating custom tables and views, you’ll import the same data and still be able to switch back to the delivered Gantt chart and standard tables. If you don’t create a [...]

Jul 06, 2015

Display the message "Tasks due shortly" in Project

In project management, it is very important to know that a task is due to start shortly because of the following reasons: You have to make sure that the necessary [...]

Jul 03, 2015

Task types and scheduling in Project

One of the hardest aspects of working with Microsoft Project is being able to understand the relationship between the three main units of measurement. Correctly [...]

Jun 11, 2015

Customising the Project 2013 interface

First time users to Microsoft Project often ask me how to do an initial customisation of the Microsoft Project 2013 interface so I have created these four simple steps [...]

Apr 10, 2015

How to contour the resources usage in Microsoft Project

The person responsible for updating a Microsoft Project plan file can contour the work using predefined settings. The Work Contour option provides choices for the [...]

Nov 28, 2014

Scheduling Rostered Days Off (RDO) in Project 2013

I am often asked how to schedule non-working time for resources in Project 2013 who have a nine day fortnight so I have put together this little set of instructions. It [...]

Oct 28, 2014

Use Office 2013 at home with an Office 365 subscription

If you find the Microsoft Office 2013 applications essential at work, then why not at home? Kids, especially, require access to applications like PowerPoint and Word for [...]

Sep 12, 2014

How to import a Microsoft Access resources list into Microsoft Project file

In my previous blog post, I explained the settings you would need to change in Microsoft Project to ensure you’re able to import a Microsoft Access database. In this [...]

Aug 28, 2014

5 steps to create a custom field in Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013 allows end users to customise their application views by creating custom fields. Not every industry has the same type of information [...]

Jul 22, 2014

Access your Access files in Microsoft Project

As mentioned in my previous blog posts (3 settings that will increase your efficiency in Microsoft Project & Automatically reach your deadlines with scheduled tasks [...]

Jul 07, 2014

3 settings that will increase your efficiency in Microsoft Project

In my last blog post (Automatically reach your deadlines with scheduled tasks in Microsoft Project), I explained that there are a number of global settings in Microsoft [...]

May 06, 2014

Calculate the Resources Standard Rate in Microsoft Project

In my previous blog post, I explained how to use custom fields to calculate GST in Microsoft Project. Now that we know how to do that, we can now use this custom field [...]

Mar 10, 2014

Using custom fields to calculate GST in Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project allows you to customise fields for several purposes including; to save time, avoid typing errors, meet stakeholders' expectations and needs, [...]

Jan 29, 2014

5 tips for successful project management

When it comes to project management, there are many challenges from beginning to end. There are several external and internal factors that may affect the original [...]

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