Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Designer - Level 2

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In this course, students will use SharePoint Designer to extend and customise existing SharePoint sites.

  • Create an ASP.NET Form
  • Modify Form Control Properties
  • Validate Inputs
  • Customize an Interactive Button
  • Implementing Data Sources and Displaying Data in Data Views
  • Access a Data Source
  • Import Data into a Data View
  • Update the Data View Presentation
  • Work with the Data View Commands
  • Open an Existing Subsite and Create a New Web Page from an Existing Template
  • Save a Customized Page
  • Revert a Customized Page
  • Save a Customized Site as a SharePoint Site Template
  • Move Data View Web Parts to Different Web Part Zones
  • Displaying Data from a Linked Data Source in a Data View
  • Reference and Consume a Web Service
  • Display XML Data with XSLT
  • Opening and Modifying an Existing Workflow
  • Deploy and Test the Custom Workflow
  • Configure Contributor Settings
  • Generate Usability Reports
  • Optimize the HTML for a SharePoint Site
  • Spell Check a SharePoint Site
  • Back Up and Restore a SharePoint Site
  • Migrating a SharePoint Site
This course is intended for entry-level SharePoint solution developers who are currently capable of creating basic SharePoint sites using the out-of-the-box functionality provided by the built-in SharePoint Designer templates, and who now want to extend or create SharePoint sites with functionality by incorporating server web controls, data controls, customized workflows, and administration.
  • Work with ASP.NET forms.
  • Work with Data Sources.
  • Use SharePoint templates to update existing sites and create new templates from these changes.
  • Learn some advanced data integration techniques.
  • Customize existing workflows.
  • Learn about administration tools in SharePoint Designer 2007.
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