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This one day course has been designed to provide an introduction to SharePoint 2010. This course has been designed to provide a balance of theory and classroom discussion combined with hands on lab time. This enables the students to discuss new concepts and then put them into practical applications during the labs.

  • Navigating through your SharePoint Team Site
  • Opening a Word document from the Shared Documents Library
  • Using Search to find content
  • Upload a document
  • Upload multiple documents
  • Upload documents using Explorer view
  • Add a Task to a Task list
  • Update a Task
  • Concurrently edit a Word document
  • Checking out a document
  • Managing document versions
  • Working with the Recycle Bin
  • Start an approval workflow
  • Monitor the status of a workflow
  • Participating in the workflow
  • Create an Alert on the Contact List
  • Connect to a Contact List
  • Publishing PowerPoint Slides
  • Add an Image to the Home Page
  • Update your Home Page
  • Create a new Wiki Page
  • Add a Web Part to the Home Page
This course has been designed for anyone who is new to SharePoint 2010 and needs to get up to speed on how they can use SharePoint to collaborate and share information with their colleagues.
This course has been developed to ensure attendees require minimal prerequisites to participate in this course. Course participants should be comfortable using a computer for basic tasks, such as managing files and browsing the web. Attendees should also have exposure to Office 2007 or 2010.
  • Understand how to Navigate and search SharePoint Sites
  • Understand the benefits of Lists and Libraries in SharePoint
  • Have gained practical experience with document management
  • Monitor and Participated in a SharePoint Workflow
  • Know how to find and connect to information in SharePoint
  • Understand how to share information with their colleagues
  • Manage and customise content in their Team Site
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