SharePoint 2013 End-User Training: Site Owner

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This two day course has been designed to provide SharePoint Site Owners with an in-depth knowledge on managing and maintaining Sites within SharePoint 2013. This course provides a balance of theory, class room discussion and hands on lab time. The idea being, that students will be able to discuss new concepts, before practically applying them.

Lab 1: Working with Sites
  • Exercise 1: Create a team site
  • Exercise 2: Create a community site
  • Creating SharePoint Sites
  • Definitions
  • Site collections vs. sites
  • Site templates
  • Enterprise templates
Lab 2: Managing Security
  • Exercise 1: Create a site with unique permissions
  • Exercise 2: Break permission inheritance
  • Exercise 3: Share a site with another user
  • SharePoint security
  • Users and groups
  • Simple sharing vs. advanced
  • Sharing
  • Default SharePoint groups
  • Managing site security
  • Access requests
  • Security best practices
Lab 3: Lists and Libraries
  • Exercise 1: Create a project issues tracking list
  • Exercise 2: Enable version control
  • Exercise 3: Add a column
  • Exercise 4: Add some items
  • Exercise 5: Create a view
  • Exercise 6: Create a custom template
  • Exercise 7: Test your custom template
  • Introduction to apps
  • Types of applications
  • List and library management
Lab 4: Working with Content Types
  • Exercise 1: Create site columns
  • Exercise 2: Attach site columns to a list
  • Exercise 3: Create a site content type
  • Exercise 4: Add a content type to a library app
  • Exercise 5: Change the new button order and create a contract
  • Exercise 6: Create a child content type
  • Metadata
  • Content types and meta data
  • Building blocks
  • Managed metadata
  • Putting it all together
Lab 5: Content Management and Workflow
  • Exercise 1: Enable content approval
  • Exercise 2: Configure an approval workflow
  • Exercise 3: Create a new doc for approval
  • Exercise 4: Approve a document
  • Content management and workflow
  • Workflows
  • Managing Workflows
Lab 6: Customising your Site
  • Exercise 1: Change the site theme
  • Exercise 2: Change the default site icon on the team site
  • Exercise 3: Create a site template
  • Customising your site
  • Using a master page
  • Site themes
  • Customising your site
Lab 7: Site Administration
  • Exercise 1: Change the regional settings
  • Exercise 2: Close a site
  • Exercise 3: Delete a site
  • Site administration
  • Site owners for top level sites
  • Sub-site owners
  • Site administration settings
  • Sites and workspaces
  • Site features
  • Content and structure
  • Delete this site
  • Usage reports
  • Search reports
  • Usage report
This course has been designed for anyone with a working knowledge of SharePoint 2013. Attendees should require an understanding of how to manage, maintain and secure a SharePoint Team Site.
This course has been developed to provide the attendees with the ‘next level’ of SharePoint Site Management. Course participants should be comfortable using a SharePoint site to create and upload content. They must have attended the SharePoint 2013 Site Members training course, and SharePoint knowledge must be relevant to SharePoint 2013.
  • Understand how to create SharePoint Sites
  • Understand how to use Security within a SharePoint site
  • Have gained practical experience creating lists and libraries
  • Understand Content Types and Metadata
  • Know how to configure Content Management and Workflow
  • Understand how to apply Information Management Policies
  • Know how to customise your SharePoint Site
  • Understand what options are available for site administration

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