SharePoint 2013 End-Users Package (Members and Site Owners)

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The SharePoint 2013 End-Users package is suitable for those wishing to master the SharePoint End-Users skills and covers the content from our SharePoint Members and Site Owners courses.

SharePoint 2013 Members is a one-day course which has been designed to help students build a strong foundation of various SharePoint 2013 features such as team sites, lists, libraries, tasks etc. This course provides a balance of much-needed theory and classroom discussion combined with hands-on lab time. This approach enables the students to discuss new concepts and then put them into practical applications during the labs. The members course is a strongly suggested pre-requisite for the Site Owners course.

SharePoint 2013 Site Owner is a two-day course which covers topics such as SharePoint sites, site security, customising lists & libraries, content types & metadata etc. The course also focuses on content management and workflow configuration. Students learn to apply information management policies and overall site administration within SharePoint.

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Santanu is a highly skilled IT Infrastructure professional with ...

Alice Antonsen

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Matthew is a qualified Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft ...


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