Assertiveness at Work

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In this workshop you will learn empowering communication and behavioural techniques that will enhance your self-confidence, credibility and effectiveness. You will also develop an understanding of the factors that underpin behaviour - values, beliefs and attitudes - in order to develop and strengthen your own assertiveness. The format for both days will be open, highly participative and interactive. Participants are encouraged to make the most of the group dynamics and the expertise of the trainer.

  • Differences between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Components of assertive communication/behaviour
  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities
  • CAP (Cumulative Action Plan)
  • Communication Filters
  • Understanding the role of personal values
  • Determining our personal values
  • How our values influence the actions we take
  • CAP (Cumulative Action Plan)
  • Active Listening How Do You Rate Your Listening Ability? What is Paraphrasing? Sharing a Meaning CAP (Cumulative Action Plan)
  • Body Language
  • Voice
  • Words
  • Some barriers to rapport and understanding
  • CAP (Cumulative Action Plan)
  • Building on “I” statements
  • Delivering Difficult Feedback
  • Workplace Exercise
  • Empathy
  • Covering your “but”
  • How to say “No” and set limits
  • Questioning
  • CAP (Cumulative Action Plan)
  • The Awareness Wheel
  • Application to a stress inducing situation in your life
  • The Ten Commandments of Positive Relationships
  • CAP (Cumulative Action Plan
  • How can you set yourself up for success?
  • Re - CAP (Resulting Cumulative Action Plan)
This workshop is for everyone who wants to understand assertive behaviour and how it can increase your personal power, effectiveness and self-confidence. It is as much for over-confident, direct people as it is for timid under-confident people, because the former behaviour does not necessarily elicit the best outcomes for business and people in the long-term. People who have recently benefited from attending this workshop include: IT Managers, Office Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Managers, Operations Managers, Training Officers, Clerical Officers, Executive Assistants & Office Administrators.


  • Increases satisfaction and reduces resentment as people feel empowered to speak up
  • Consequent lift in productivity through more effective communications
  • Increases staff retention by diffusing negativity quickly


  • IMPORTANT…a person will not suddenly become assertive from attending this course if they have not learned some assertive fundamentals in their growing process. What it will give participants is the tools to start developing this behaviour and will need to be practiced.
  • Participants will learn how personal values affect our behaviour and to how to develop empowering beliefs and attitudes to create the behavioural change necessary to be an assertive communicator
  • Position the differences between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour and helps participants identify what prompts them to behave these ways
  • Build skills to minimise conflict and resentments, both in oneself or the party being communicated to
  • Learn to make assertive statements and requests
  • Say "no" without feeling guilty and without giving offence
  • Deal effectively with criticism (feedback) : give it and receive it effectively
  • Learn an effective problem solving and decision making tool applicable in all relationship issues
  • Participants create a Cumulative Action Plan throughout the program that will set them up for success in changing and mastering behaviour that is challenging
  • Identify the differences between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Analyse how our values affect our behaviour
  • Develop empowering beliefs and attitudes
  • Make assertive statements and requests
  • Say "no" without feeling guilty and without giving offence
  • Deal effectively with criticism
  • Give constructive feedback to others
  • Defuse difficult situations
  • Solve personal and relational problems
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