DEEP DIVE Series: Will Your Culture Get You to Your Vision?

4 Hours $0

As organisations grow they develop characteristics in beliefs and patterns of behaviour that become pretty hard-wired and then inform the practices of new staff as they enter the environment. This can happen in smaller parts of the organisation as well, such as departments and teams. This is broadly what we refer to as culture.

As the organisation (or subsection) grows or leadership and direction changes, sometimes the existing culture is not aligned with the new vision and problems can occur with achieving the outcomes or staff fight the change.

This program examines what makes up a culture, whether yours is aligned with your vision and what levers we can use to shift it, if it is misaligned with your vision.

This workshop is a part of New Horizons' Deep Dive series, that applies a 4-hour course format, assisting business professionals to save time, stay up to date with the skills that matter, and dive down into specific information that is important.

  • Culture Defined
  • Elements of Culture
  • Other Shaping Factors
  • Five Important Functions of Culture defined
  • Culture is Sticky
  • It will use you if you don’t use it
  • Four Kinds of Culture – Industry Level
  • Four Kinds of Culture – Organisational Level
  • Strong versus weak
  • Three Levels for action
  • Healthy Organisations
  • Constructive Cultures
  • Plurality of Culture
  • Six Steps to cultural change
  • Two ways we approach it
  • CRAFT -Cultural Renegotiation & Audit For Teams
  • OCAI (Organisation Cultural Assessment Instrument) - Analysing your online assessment - How to take this further
  • Discussion
  • Action steps


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