Effective Time Management



Time Management is a misnomer. Individuals need to effectively organise ‘themselves’ within a given time period in order to gain greater productivity and minimise stress. The New Horizons' Effective Time Management Program teaches participants the fundamentals of time management. You will learn how to prioritise, plan and organise your workload and understand the elements that will sabotage your progress. Further, you will learn tips and tricks to more effectively manage your e-mail, the telephone, meetings, personal interactions, and paperwork.

  • Workshop Objectives
  • Action Plans and Evaluations

  • Using a Productivity Journal
  • The Glass Jar: Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, and Water
  • Ready, Fire, Aim!

  • The 80/20 Rule
  • Prioritising with the Urgent-Important Matrix
  • Being Assertive

  • The Three P’s
  • Create SMART Goals
  • Prioritising Your Goals
  • Visualise your Goals

  • Why We Procrastinate
  • Nine Ways to Overcome Procrastination
  • Eat That Frog!

  • When Crisis Calls
  • Creating a Plan
  • Executing the Plan
  • Lessons Learned

  • De-Clutter
  • Managing Workflow
  • Dealing with E-mail
  • Using Calendars

  • When to Delegate
  • Who Should I Delegate to?
  • Providing Instructions
  • Monitoring the Results

  • What is a Ritual/Routine?
  • Example Rituals
  • Using Rituals to Maximise Time

  • Deciding if a Meeting is Necessary
  • Using the PAT Approach
  • Effective Agenda Writing
  • Staying on Track
  • Was the Meeting Worthwhile?

  • Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms
  • Teleconferencing
  • E-mail Lists and Online Groups
  • Collaboration Applications

  • Words from the Wise
  • Action Plans and Evaluations

This course will benefit any individual who is having challenges juggling multiple tasks or difficulties ‘fitting’ his/her work in a particular time frame.
Before attending this course, students must have:

Key Business Benefits

  • Presents a more efficient business image to customers
  • Boosts an individual’s productivity and increases their likely retention in the company through increased performance satisfaction
  • Saves the time of others by better time boundaries
  • Increases revenue potential through greater efficiency
  • Adaptable to various time management systems/technologies

Key Participants Benefit

  • Enhance necessary behavioural change through increased self understanding
  • Accomplish greater productivity through prioritisation and technology mastery
  • Increase satisfaction by getting the big tasks done
  • Decrease stress by getting in control
  • Master your energy more effectively by better scheduling and self management
Participants will leave the course with a certificate of attendance and an individualised action plan to help support next steps on return to the workplace. More importantly you will have developed skills and knowledge to become:
  • Focused on the ‘right’ things
  • More productive
  • More satisfied, confident and comfortable in your role
  • Less stressed and feeling more in control
  • Better able to manage interruptions, both technological and people


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