Financial Management for Business Professionals

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Financial Management for Business Professionals is an accelerated learning experience that will help non-financial employees understand how financial data is generated and reported, as well as how it can be used for improved decision making and analysis.

  • An Introduction to Accounting in Australia
  • Purpose of the Accounting Process
  • Categories of Accounting Information
  • The Functions of Accounting
  • The Accounting Cycle
  • Source Documents
  • Activities
  • Types of Business Organisations in Australia
  • Double-entry Bookkeeping
  • Accounting methods
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Journals and Ledgers
  • Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements
  • Activities
  • Definition
  • Reasons We Need a Statement of Financial Position
  • How to Generate a Statement of Financial Position
  • Activities
  • Definition
  • Reasons We Need The Income Statement
  • How To Generate An Income Statement
  • Activities
  • Definition
  • Why Do We Need A Cash Flow Statement?
  • How To Generate A Cash Flow Statement?
  • Activities
  • Definition
  • Why Do We Need To Calculate Ratios
  • How To Calculate Ratios
  • Activities
  • Introduction to Break-Even Point
  • Definition
  • Why Do We Need To Know The Break-Even Point?
  • Expense Behaviour
  • Break-Even Points in Units
  • Activities
Since every employee, manager or owner is a custodian of the company’s profits and cash flow, it is crucial for professionals at all levels to understand the financial implications of their actions to improve profitability, liquidity and sustainability of the business. This course is ideal for any individual who wishes to enhance their business acumen and elevate their comprehension of how business activities can impact the financial results of an organisation.


  • Improve profitability and liquidity due to better asset management and an understanding of appropriate actions needed to improve ratios and other performance metrics
  • Reduce time spent on creating and managing budgets
  • Reduce budget variances


  • The course will create a strong foundation of understanding of financial statements and train participants to understand key value drivers and the story behind the numbers
  • Will teach participants to think strategically through an understanding of the financial implications of their decisions
  • Will help participants communicate in financial terms across various operating silos and learn to ask the right questions relating to their financial decisions
  • Will help participants align their budgets and/or responsibilities with corporate objectives
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