Team Leadership

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The New Horizons Team Leadership Program teaches participants how to be an effective team leader. You learn how to communicate effectively, adapt to various personality issues and overcome common problems. Further, you will work on aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication, create a supportive team environment, motivate individuals, the sources of team conflict and different conflict resolution strategies.

  • How did I get here?
  • Four Stages of Team Evolution
  • Questions Team Leaders Have
  • Building the Right Environment
  • Motivation from Within
  • Know Where You Are Going
  • Setting Goals with SMART - Team/Individual
  • How Can Planning Help Me?
  • Key Listening Skills
  • Tips for Becoming a Better Listener
  • Questioning Skills
  • Managing Our Non-Verbal Messages
  • Characteristics of Effective Feedback
  • Skill Building
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Why we don’t do it
  • Techniques for Giving Instructions
  • The Conflict Resolution Process
  • Breaking Down the Process
  • Workshop Wrap-Up
This course is perfect for anyone who is in a team-leader or Supervisor role and has had no formal training or who is about to be promoted to such a position.


  • Minimises friction caused by miscommunication or lack of empathy
  • Lifts productivity through more effective communications, empathy and respect
  • Creates stronger leadership and accountability at front-line level


  • Helps create better team performance through feedback
  • Assists in motivation and influence through increased people skills and knowledge
  • Easy to follow steps to deal with difficult situations arising in a team environment
  • Confident and comfortable in your role
  • Able to get the best out of people
  • Adept as a communicator
  • Able to manage time more effectively through delegation
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