Train the Trainer

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Train the Trainer is a component of continuous professional career development for those aspiring to supervisory/management positions or who hold leadership positions, where training is a vital competence. This course is often seen as a stepping stone towards enhancing a career in the field of training, learning and development, Human Resources, as well as supervisory and management roles. This course provides for an introduction to the general principles of learning and development and an insight into the training cycle. During the course Presentation skills are also emphasised. The course is highly interactive and fast paced. Skills on how to prepare, deliver and review training sessions are dealt with on both theoretical and practical levels. This is a challenging and exciting course from which, both participants and organisations gain great benefits.

  • Defining successful training
  • About audiences
  • Advantages of workplace training
  • Key characteristics
  • Mistakes and solutions
  • Stimulating a readiness to learn
  • The Principles of Adult Learning
  • The Four-Stage Cycle
  • Pairs Exercise
  • When is training necessary?
  • Defining training needs
  • Individual exercise
  • Overall Session Plans: INTROAS & GLOSSS
  • Developing Objectives/Outcomes
  • Writing Objectives
  • Writing Objectives
  • The Body: Content (including Intro and Conclusion)
  • Researching Content
  • Planning an Interactive Program
  • Training Methods
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Individual Exercises
  • The Value of Games
  • Types of Games
  • Troubleshooting Games
  • Telling vs. Showing
  • Overcoming Nervousness
  • Using Non-Verbal Communication
  • Managing the Question and Answer Period
  • Tips for Stunning Visuals
  • Types of Visual Aids
  • A Personal Action Plan
The course is generic and applicable to trainers in all areas. The course is suited to trainers who require an understanding of how to train individuals and in small groups. Managers and others who need to impart knowledge in the workplace will also benefit.


  • Training participants are encouraged to correctly identify the real needs of the organisation and act on those needs, thereby ensuring that the training is relevant and necessary
  • Boosts productivity by transferring knowledge and skill more effectively to the learner
  • Participants of Train the Trainer exhibit increased confidence and skills, and the benefits associated with a professional foundation in training enhance the delivery methods, structure, time frames, relevance and body of knowledge received by the students


  • Easier mastery of skills through simple yet effective stepped method
  • Increases effectiveness of trainer’s engagement by taking into consideration different learning styles of the participants
  • Builds confidence and self-assurance of the less experienced trainers by providing strategies to handle difficult participants, awkward situations and questions
  • Allows participants to explore delivery options in a supportive environment
  • Includes visual aid and other resource preparation
  • More confident and comfortable in your role
  • More able to get the best out of people in training
  • More adept as a knowledge transferrer
  • Better able to deal with challenges that present in a training room
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