Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Business Processes

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Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Server provides a wealth of services that you can use, customize, and extend to augment and streamline your business processes. This course covers these features and teaches you how to build on them to create business solutions. The beginning of the course orients you with the built-in capabilities and teaches how to customise them using SharePoint Designer. From there you will learn how to create custom forms using both ASP.NET and InfoPath. The last half of the course teaches how to build custom workflows in SharePoint using Visual Studio and covers sequential workflows, state machines, tasks, and custom workflow forms using both ASP.NET and InfoPath.

  • Understanding Business Process Automation
  • Using Task Lists
  • Creating and Using Alerts
  • Out of the Box Workflows
  • Understanding SharePoint Designer Features
  • Defining Steps Using Conditions and Actions
  • Using Lookups and Dynamic Routing
  • Creating Forms and Using Variables
  • Modifying List Forms Using SharePoint Designer
  • Creating and Using Custom ASP.NET List Forms
  • Modifying and Viewing Data with ASP.NET Forms and Controls
• Creating InfoPath Forms for use with SharePoint
• Creating Data Connections for Receiving and Submitting Data
• Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint and Using InfoPath Forms Services
  • Exploring SharePoint as Workflow Platform
  • Creating a Basic Workflow with Visual Studio
  • Configuring Workflow Associations in Code
  • Starting Workflow Instances in Code
  • Creating Sequential Workflows
  • Creating State Machine Workflows
  • Handling Faults and Cancelled Workflows
  • Exploring SharePoint Workflow Activities
  • Debugging Workflows
  • Understanding how to use Tasks in SharePoint Workflows
  • Using Tasks in Both Sequential and State Machine Workflows
  • Creating and Using Custom Workflow Task Content Types
  • Using Tasks in State Machine Workflows
  • Using Workflow Task Properties
  • Understanding the Types and Uses of Workflow Forms
  • Creating and Using an Association Form
  • Creating and Using an Initiation Form
  • Creating and Using a Task Form
This course is designed for students who have an understanding of the problem-solving techniques that apply to software development. You must be an experienced developer who has at least 12 months using ASP.NET 3.5 with Visual Studio 2008 (or later).

Students who attend this course must have completed Sharepoint Members and Site Owners, or have significant experience performing end user tasks with SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 and an understanding of the purpose and use of the following:
  • Lists
  • Documents and Libraries
  • Personalising a SharePoint page/site
  • Using MySites
  • Using SharePoint Designer
  • Use standard SharePoint lists, alerts and libraries for simple automation
  • Build no-code workflows with SharePoint Designer and how to create custom Designer activities
  • Create and modify list forms using SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and Visual Studio
  • Use InfoPath form libraries
  • Use the SharePoint object model to associate workflow templates and start workflow instances
  • Create sequential workflows, state machines, and custom workflow activity libraries
  • Use tasks in workflows
  • Create workflow forms using ASP.NET and InfoPath
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