What is the Vouchers+ Program?
What can I use Vouchers+ on?
Why buy Vouchers+ today?
How long are Vouchers+ credits valid for?
When does this special offer end?

What is the Pre-Registration offer?

Pre-Registration Bonus Offers


How can my organisation pay for the vouchers+ credits?

Reward Points

What are Reward Points?
When can I redeem my Reward Points?
I've redeemed my Reward Points through the portal, how long until I receive the items?
What happens if I don't use all my Reward Points; do I get to keep them to use later?

P + P (Points plus Pay)

What is Points Plus Pay (P+P)?
How do I pay for the extra amount specified in the Points Plus Pay?
When do I need to pay my Points Plus Pay?


I am having trouble logging in to the New Horizons rewards portal, who can I contact?
How can I contact New Horizons for more information about this special offer?

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