Facial Recognition Opportunities for Business

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In a recent interview with Meryl Streep, she said, no one wants autographs any more, everyone wants selfies !
The age of digital disruption is certainly here. Whilst autographs have been thrown out the window, a new era of AI technologies have made their way into our lives, our workplaces, our homes and our phones.

Whether you are a marketing manager, an operations manager, in the retail industry, banking or government, cognitive services abilities like face detection and image recognition are making waves, creating opportunities for business to become exponentially efficient, and to engage your customers in new ways like never before.

In this session we will look at some of the biggest face recognition models available on the marketplace today. We compare Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google and more, and put them to the test using open source image libraries. In a room of 24 people, how many faces do these major AI/Cloud vendors detect ? 24 ? 18? 12? 1? None ?? What difference does it makes for your business? We will also look at the privacy changes in the industry and provide lots of goodies to consider for your workplace.

Tune in for the showdown

Event Details:

Date: Wed, 24/07/2019
Time: 12:30pm AEST
Duration: 45 Minutes


Peter O'Gorman and Dr. Naim Rastgoo

Peter O’Gorman has over 19 years working with data and business intelligence eco-systems serves as Director of Learning and Innovation at AI Darwin, having used data-driven & AI ecosystems to solve the repetitive and mundane. He has significant experience in the education sector having delivered business intelligence capability to the state and private education sector in Queensland as well as State education in NSW. He currently organises the Australian Computer Society’s Artificial Intelligence special interest group, the NT Power Platform User Group and has been a regular speaker at CPA Australia conferences in Northern Territory.

Dr Naim Rastgoo is a lead AI scientist for AI Australia. With a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD candidature in Computer Science, and background in the Electrical and Computer Science Discipline and Science and Engineering Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, he provides the team with advice and deep technical knowledge. His most recent focus involved Automatic detection of car driver’s stress levels using multi-modal sensors and context data. He has been a Research Officer and is a PhD scholar at QUT’s Vision and Signal Processing Lab and CARRS-Q. He has a strong background in signal processing, image processing, Machine Learning, Optimization and path planning in dynamic environments. He has conducted research on several multidisciplinary projects with a focus on using wearable sensors (EEG, ECG, EDA, and Respiration) to detect cognitive loads and different emotions.

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