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Jan 25, 2021

Photoshop: Using clipping masks for custom photo layouts

In today's blog, I'll be teaching you how to make a custom photo layout in Photoshop. We will go though how to make a grid with four square images, but you [...]

Dec 14, 2020

Understanding layers in Photoshop

What are layers and why should we use them in Photoshop? You will have more control. They do not destroy your original photo. You are working on top of or on [...]

Dec 06, 2020

Animating with Adobe CC: Part 2 - Importing Character designs into Flash CC

Despite the fact that many developers consider Flash CC (or now Animate CC) no longer the developer platform since the introduction of HTML5, Java and CSS3 that produce [...]

Sep 27, 2020

Lightroom vs. Photoshop’s Camera Raw

You may have heard a lot of discussion around working with raw images in either Lightroom or in Photoshop with the Camera Raw plugin. In today’s post, we will explore [...]

Sep 21, 2020

Convert imagination into art with Adobe Capture

Your smart phone is your sidekick, your passage into the world of social networking and, with Adobe Capture, it's your paint brush and canvas. Wherever you find [...]

Sep 14, 2020

Mastering InDesign

Adobe InDesign is an extremely powerful application that allows you to take page design to a whole new level with a combination of application features and creative [...]

Sep 17, 2020

Put that marker down and Redact in Acrobat please!

Remove sensitive data from your file with Adobe Acrobat's redaction tools. Have you ever taken out a black marker and marked a document in an attempt to hide [...]

Aug 20, 2020

Automate a table of contents in InDesign

A lot of larger documents (and even some smaller ones) require a table of contents so that readers can more easily locate the information they need. Manually creating [...]

Aug 03, 2020

Easily Create Complex Illustrations with Basic Tools and Pathfinder Commands in Adobe Illustrator

How to create complex illustrations from basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator can create complex path illustrations with simple shapes, minor [...]

Jul 20, 2020

Adobe Acrobat Custom Stamps

Adobe Acrobat offers the option to stamp an electronic document in much the same way as you might apply a rubber stamp to a paper document. You can choose from a list of [...]

Jun 15, 2020

Quick ways to automate in Photoshop – Part 3: Batch processing

Adobe can apply Photoshop actions across multiple files within Adobe Photoshop or via Adobe Bridge. In order to batch process a Photoshop action in Bridge, the action [...]

May 14, 2021

Quick ways to automate in Photoshop – Part 2: Modifying an Action

How do you modify an Action in Photoshop after you record it? In my previous post I explored how to create actions in Photoshop, this post will explore modifying [...]

Apr 14, 2021

Quick ways to automate in Photoshop - Part 1: Creating an Action

Did you know you can have Photoshop record the steps you take to modify a file and then replay these same steps on another file or even a batch of files? It’s very easy [...]

Jan 19, 2021

Reduce your PDF file size in Acrobat XI

If you have an overly large PDF, there are two ways you can easily reduce the file size: ‘Reduced Size PDF’ and ‘Optimised PDF.’ I’ll discuss both these methods in [...]

Dec 05, 2020

Save time with print presets in Adobe InDesign CS6

The next time you print something directly from Adobe InDesign, take an extra moment to save your setting choices as a "Print Preset." After you select your printer [...]

Jul 18, 2020

10 essential keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop

Keyboard shortcuts greatly enhance your speed and productivity in any application. They are especially beneficial in Photoshop. Here are just a few that will make your [...]

May 22, 2021

Help! I typed in the wrong dimensions for my InDesign document!

AKA how to change your document dimensions, column guides and margins in Adobe InDesign CS6.  Beginning a new document file in Adobe InDesign is relatively easy, but [...]

May 02, 2021

Turn the heat up on your text in Photoshop

With all the filters included in Adobe Photoshop, some pretty wild things can be done to text. To expand text options even further, you can play around with both layer [...]

Apr 02, 2021

Merge layers without flattening in Photoshop

Layers in Photoshop are an important feature in all Photoshop designs as they enable the user to work on a particular element of the design without disrupting the other [...]

Feb 27, 2021

What Lies Beneath - Part 2

In my last post, What Lies Beneath - Part 1, I explained the function of layer masks in Photoshop and how to create them. In today's post, I'll explain a few [...]

Feb 06, 2021

Add flair to your artwork with Illustrator's Live Trace tool

In a recent post, Give your line art the outline it's missing in Photoshop, we demonstrated how to create a custom shape and refine its outline in Adobe Photoshop. [...]

Jan 31, 2021

Mastering the Histogram in Photoshop

The Histogram is one of the most useful tools available in Photoshop for viewing and editing the exposure of images. A histogram is a graph which shows the ‘tonal [...]

Jan 24, 2021

Give your line art the outline it’s missing in Photoshop

While line art works best in the stained glass technique, don't let a good design slip by because it doesn't have an adequate outline. If you have a design with a lot of [...]

Jan 16, 2021

Flatten Me! I want to be printed!

It’s amazing what artists and designers can create using digital design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Unfortunately, when it comes to printing, [...]

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