Train virtually anywhere in Australia with
New Horizons' evolutionary OLLAnywhere platform.

What is OLLAnywhere?

OLLAnywhere is a revolutionary way of utilising cutting-edge technology to allow regional students to attend live instructor-led training from anywhere in Australia via our classroom in the cloud.

New Horizons' OLLAnywhere distance-training model allows students to experience the same award-winning training from expert instructors, access hands-on labs and use authorised vendor curriculum, all from a remote location. Gone are the days of having to travel long distances to attend training; now we bring the training to you!

All OLL courses follow the same framework as out traditional instructor-led training programs, using lectures, demos and exercises through a virtual platform to impart knowledge and skills to students.

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Key Benefits of OLLAnywhere

  • Get the OLL recording on replay for 6 months
  • Get access to your own tech lab for 6 months (on most courses)
  • Talk directly to instructors
  • Connect with other students nationwide

OLLAnywhere at a glance


your class from
anywhere you are
- work, home, or a
New Horizons location.


from industry leading
and certified instructors with
real-world experience.


in discussions via
live audio and visual


using labs in a virtual
environment to gain
hands-on experience.


live feedback from
your instructor
throughout the course.


any part of your
course for review
or absence.